Cocker Spaniels

Macey - Black Beauty

Macey came to us from Mark and Jane in Helensville, she was breed in the South Island and has the sweetest nature. She is an outstanding mother, gentle and kind in everything she does. She is a remarkably beautiful dog, inside and out and has produced some of our nicest pups to date.

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Saffy is our adorable Black n Tan Cocker, she lives in my sons room most of the time and spends her time collecting all her favorite things which includes my boots as soon as I have taken them off she puts them in her bed, at least I know where to find them. Like timon, she is incredibly gentle and loving, very loyal and cuddly.

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Cashew Nut

Cashew nut is my sons dog, she is his shadow and they love to play and goof around together. She sleeps on his bed and keeps the boogie man away lol. I was amazed to see how quickly these two formed a strong bond and its great to see kids and animals partner up the way they have. She is a smaller Cocker, very gentle and affectionate and everything we could have hoped for. William named her himself, luckily her colour suits her name, she is happy friendly outgoing lass and we look forward to seeing her pups in the future.

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Hazel joined the family not long after Cashew and these two get along famously. She is a much bigger girl than Cashew and is very soft natured. Hazel is a welcome addition to the family, we are loving having her and again look forward to her pups in the future.

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Monawai is our only American Cocker Spaniel. She is named after the boat my grandfather was on in the war and we got her just after his funeral in Jan 2013. She is a very sweet natured girl, so soft and affectionate and her tail never stops wagging. She more cavalier like in nature and very loving to have around, a great lap warmer and not as big as the American Cockers.

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Kura - Chocolate Mudcake

Kura's the sort of clown who will never grow up, she is full of life and love.

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