Welcome to Hallmark Kennels Spoodle, Cavoodle and Retrodoodle Breeders

Home of the fantastic Spoodle, Cavoodle and Retrodoodle. Dogs that are famous for being loving affectionate, open, friendly and eager to please.

We pride ourselves on breeding healthy happy dogs that in our eyes make fantastic family members.

All are health and temperament tested, great with kids, very forgiving of children’s play.

Our dogs are our family, we call them our kids and like all parents we are very proud of them! We hope you enjoy browsing the website and meeting them all.

Look forward to talking to you soon. If you have any questions please contact us.

We are happy to announce the arrival of the first litter of 2019

As many of you will be aware Hallmark Kennels took a year off as part of the upgrade of our facilities and to give the mums a well deserved

rest. We have also Bought on a couple of new breeding girls who have come along fantastically. There litter consists of 50:50 bround and black

Spoodles who are all strong and heathy. 

We would also like to apologies to the few people who were effected in the later parts of the year who may have filled out a puppy enquiry

form. If you did not receive a reply this is because someone had entered the system and changed our email address to a 3rd party address. 

This has now been corrected so if you could re fill in this form would be great.


Next Open Day Not Yet Planned - New Date Soon!

Lots of people are wanting to visit us and meet the dogs and get a better idea of the hybrids so we plan open days throughout the year to provide the opportunity for you to come and meet the dogs and learn more. We do a brief talk about the differences between the Spoodle, Retrodoodle and Cavoodle, and how they come about. You will be able to meet the various dogs and some of our parent dogs as well.

We have a Q&A time where you can ask all the questions you like and there will be contact lists for you to add your email details to, if you would like to be notified when our upcoming litters are confirmed. If you own a Hallmark Oodle please come along with your dog as we would love to see you. Please ensure your dog is fully vaccinated first.

Please note, there are no private viewings - but we invite you to come along when open days are held.

If you are keen on adding a Hallmark Oodle to your family, we would love to hear from you. As all our of pups are spoken for before they are born, or very soon after, the best way to avoid disapointment is to be on our contact list. To be added to the contact list we first like to know more about you and the home/life you can offer one of our pups. There is a Pup Enquiry Form on this site that you can complete and send us, or email us a bit about yourself, your dog/pet history and work/home life.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you more. 

For any further questions please email us at: hallmarkkennels@xtra.co.nz

Our Open Day will be held at 112 West Rd Clevedon.