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Interested in one of our pups?

We have outlined the puppy purchasing process for you below to help you understand how it works. Please also take the time to fill in the form to let us know more about you and your lifestyle so we can ensure we match the right pup to you!

Most Hallmark Pups are sold before they are born, we do not advertise apart from on our website or Facebook page which is more about keeping interested parties up to date. It is all through people meeting our oodles out and about and deciding they are right for them.  In 2017 so far 75% of pups have been sold before they were born and the remaining pups have sold within 48hrs of being born, most within just a few hours.

So with this in mind we do not want you to miss out. First thing is to establish when you want a pup, once you have a time frame worked out then watch the facebook page for upcoming litters. 

Email and register your interest in a litter that is upcoming so we can chat to you and ensure you have choosen the right type of Oodle.

Once the Pregnancy is confirmed we will take deposits on that litter. Deposits are $500 and non refundable so only place a deposit if you are sure you want a pup from that litter. Full price of pups is $2,200 for Brown and $2,100 for black and gold.

We scan the girls at 55days to determine how many pups she has and then let the waiting list people know, normally there are more people waiting than pups.

Once the pups are born we contact the people that have reserved a pup by placing a deposit first.

We let you know what sexes and colours have arrived and if you are specifically wanting a chocolate girl and there is only one then we put her aside for you.

Once those families have been notified we contact the wait list people to let them know what is still available, generally all the rest of the pups will be spoken for at this time.

At this stage pups are reserved on sex and colour only. If there are 4 black boys then the 4 families that are wanting black boys will get to choose between them when the pups are about 6weeks old, but before that there is no way of telling them apart. If you have reserved a gold girl and there is only one, then the choosing is easy but if there are 2, 3, or more then you can choose which specific puppy you want as they mature and differences between them become aparent.

We have pup viewings at 3, 6 and 8 weeks old so you can meet and bond with your pup, meet its parents and chat to me preparing yourselves for taking home puppy. Selection of which pup is for you is not till 6wks of age and we do most of this for you as we know the pups best and can match them to families better.

At 8weeks of age your pup is ready to go home with you, he will have been wormed at 2,4,6 and 8weeks. Received a revolution flea treatment at 7weeks, due monthly from then on. A full vet check and first vaccination. He comes with some helpful information to get you started, a 3kg bag of super premium Nutro puppy food that he has been raised on and a snuggly toy that has been with the litter for the past week to comfort him in new surroundings.

We are on hand to answer all your questions via email and Facebook as you settle him in, and we look forward to hearing all the stories of how things are going for you.

This is pretty much the process, hope it is helpful...talk to you soon.

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