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Breeding truly ‘mans’ best friend’

Our breeding emphasis is on temperament and health which ensures your new best friend enjoys a long, happy and trouble free life. Cross breeding for Spoodles, Cavoodles or Retrodoodles helps to reduce the probability of the health problems associated with each parent breed.

The advantages of these 3 crossbreeds are a low to non-shedding, hypoallergenic, soft, curling coat, above average intelligence, playful & spirited behavior, easily trainable, healthier hybrid vigor.

First Cross Spoodle Breeding

We Specialise in First cross Spoodles, which are a hybrid of two purebred dogs. English Cocker Spaniels and Miniature Poodle. Spoodles can be produced with a Toy, Miniature or Standard Poodle over the Cocker Spaniel. We now only breed using the Miniature poodle as have noticed too many health and temperament issues when using the Toy poodle, they were too yappy and more prone to dental problems and luxating patellas. The Standard Poodle cross was just too big to suit most families.

The characteristics of these two breeds produce a temperament perfectly suited to families and individuals. Their low allergy and low - non-shed coats make them ideal for indoor/outdoor living and those who suffer medical conditions.

I don’t sell to pet shops as I choose to sell my puppies as pets to wonderful loving homes, we enjoy meeting the new owners and making sure our pups are going to fantastic forever homes. Our parent dogs have superior dispositions, and are good with children. Pups are socialized at a young age and with your loving care and positive reinforcement training; will become wonderful adults also.

I own all my adult breeding dogs, they are our family and enjoy a full and happy farm life. All of my adult dogs are registered and annually vet checked and eye tested. Only happy healthy dogs that are kid friendly are ever bred. We are privileged to have some wonderful pedigree lines in our parent dogs, all have been well researched before becoming part of the Hallmark clan.

The Spoodle and Cavoodle have a keen intelligence, a wonderful disposition, and, as long as taken care of properly, will live a long life of 15 to 20 years. They have little to no dander or shedding, and are thus sought after for their hypoallergenic traits.

Cavoodle Breeding

We also have some lovely Cavoodles here at Hallmark, these are produced from breeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and miniature poodle together. These are an adoring dog, gentle and social. They mature the same size as the Spoodle although are slightly lighter weight wise. The Cavoodle still loves to play and swim but is lower energy than a spoodle.

Retrodoodle Breeding - aka Goldendoodle

The Retrodoodle is a wonderful hybrid created by breeding the soft gentle natured Golden Retriever with the miniature poodle. They surprise me as they mature the same size as the Retriever give or take a bit. They have a big look at me presence about them and are real people stoppers!

These dogs are very smart and are great for families that want to train in obedience, agility or any other dog sport. They are very happy fun outgoing dogs, but with a calm easy going nature. They adore people and children and have a heart of gold like the golden retriever. Very Loyal dogs and one of my favorites. Can be bouncy when young and benefit from some formal training as pups and teenagers. The Retrodoodle Hybrid have fantastic non shedding fleece coats and are truly super dogs.

Health Checks

All pups are vaccinated and vet checked by our Vet, and together with a seven day health guarantee from us. You will get a puppy pack to help you and your puppy settle into your new lifestyle on the right foot. We offer a lifetime support to all pups that leave here, we are happy to discuss any issues with you on an ongoing basis for the future wellbeing of your puppy.

Boarding Kennels

Here at Hallmark kennels we also offering boarding facilities to any pups we have breed. We are not a public boarding kennel so you can be assured your dog is going to have a great time catching up with aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers cousins etc in a safe farm environment.


Prices for all pups are available on request and we are happy to discuss with you options for ensuring you can secure the puppy of your choice. We use Air NZ which fly to all main airports in NZ, ask us for rates.

A personal home delivery is available and is conditional on location and time constraints, but ask for details about this service if you need some help.

If you have any queries about any information given above, please contact us.