Hallmark's Amorua Cream a.k.a. Amorua

Amorua is a lovely cream and gold (when she is clean) with the most beautiful eyes.

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Hallmark's Golden Aspirations a.k.a. Aspire

Aspire was born Christmas 2008, she was a tiny pup born but didnt muck about catching up. From the start she stood out to me and so she stayed to become part of the Hallmark Family. Her parents are both loving, loyal, calm and affectionate, this girl has all these attributes x10! She is fantastic, never getting under your feet or in the way but always just at arms reach so available for a big snuggle 24/7. We are thrilled with her appearance and attitude and look forward to her pups in the future as I am sure they will carry more of this wonderful nature.

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