Oodle Club

Now that you are a proud parent of your own spoode, cavoodle or oodle pup we welcome you to our Oodle Club.

The club helps connect you with other oodle parents and offers you support and encouragement in your new role. You receive 10% discount on products and food brought from Hallmark Kennels and on our puppy classes that run for 8weeks twice a year. One in February and the other TBA

We run 6 events throughout the year from a day in the park or at the beach through to our annual oodles dog show, which is a fantastic event for all the family to get involved in with classes like best dressed, most obedient, tricksters, obstacle course, and loads of games too.

We have a newsletter that we send out 4 times a year so make sure we have your current postal address so we can get that to you, it includes all sorts of letters that I have recieved from you, so keep in touch, email me your stories and progress reports we love to hear how you are doing.

We also try to link up oodle owners in their local areas to get together for weekly or fortnightly walks, it is a great way for you to compare notes with each other and the dogs love it.

If you would like your contact details printed in our contact list, distributed only to the oodle club members then let me know and that way it is even easier to catch up with litter mates.

Any help or advise you may need please feel free to call or email me, I am more than happy to help.
(09)292 8214 hallmark.kennels@hotmail.com

I encourage all of you to join the Spoodle Forum, it is a great place to pick up tips on training, grooming and everything else spoodle orientated. They are a fantastic group of people on there and have alot of fun running photo competitions and guessing how many pups will be born etc. I am on there most days and there are already other hallmark oodle members there, it would be great to see more.

There are Oodle Club updates on there as well, it is a great way to stay in touch. Also I will keep you updated on all Oodle Club happenings on the Oodle Club website (currently under construction) 
www.spoodle.co.nz - www.oodleclub.co.nz