New Owners & Pups

We are priviledged to have met a huge number of wonderful people that are now oodle owners, her are some photos they have sent us, and some of their comments as well.

"Nicola, keep breeding these beautiful pups - that a dog trainer spots a well adjusted dog immediately shows you not only have the breed mix spot on, but your environment is ideal for raising happy well adjusted dogs. Baxter is a continual delight to us - the cat is almost ready to give in and love him - Penny lets him get within a whisker of her so it won't be long before she's licking his ears and nose. She is hanging around very close to him and watching him closely - a sure sign she has accepted him. Nicola, thanks once again for our boy, Baxter. We are just so happy with him - he couldn't be more perfect."

~ Sue


Hope your well and the baby is well too!  Just thought you might be interested in seeing how Charlee is doing in her new home.  Everyone who meets her loves her, and she LOVES meeting new people and other animals!  She's getting a real personality now and is endliss entertainment for us at home.  She also has a fondness for snails ha ha!  We are starting puppy training next week which will be fun.  She has also recently been to the SPCA with a mate of mine for childrens education day and had fun playing with a pug for the day! 
Cheers Jeanine


I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Alistair for Lois!  What a gem she is, we are all in love.  She such a friendly little poppet that she is self-appointed welcoming committee at the local park; chases everyone for a pat, and cries if they don’t want to talk to her.  She is outrageously confident and will bolt 100 metres to greet anyone (dogs and humans!) – slightly frightening when you’re so far away and she’s greeting a very large Shepherd…..still, it’s lovely that she’s not a wall flower!

We met up with Shelley and her Cavoodle (of yours), Buddy today at the park.  They had an absolute ball, Lois bossed him mercilessly for the first hour, but he was holding his own by the end! I am sorry we didn’t have a camera; the pictures would have been lovely!



Hi Nicola,
Romeo is the best dog. We are so glad we picked a spoodle puppy when we were looking for a dog just over a year ago. It was amazing that I told you the colouring of pup I wanted and a few weeks later Amoura had her beautiful pups, and there Rome was exactly what I was looking for.
He is great with kids, and everyone loves him to bits. 
Kind Regards
Erica, Matt and Romeo 


Juno is great, will do basic things, sit etc but we are starting puppy classes with her next week.

She has become very dependant on Macy our labradoodle who is a bad influence on Juno! so it will be great to get her away from her "big sister" for a while each week.

Otherwise life is a blur of black fluff and huge barks from Macy and squeaky barks from Juno. My garden has suffered a lot, all my plants are eaten off to ground level! but the cute faces? how can you be angry?

Anyhow, hope life is treating you well,

Sian and Kevin and family!

STELLA - Cavoodle

Hi Nicola

Stella is an absolute delight, we are all besotted with her.

She has graduated from puppy pre school and we are getting there with toilet training.  We are loving having a dog, and she makes us smile each time we see her. It is quite like having a toddler, but at least I can shut her in the crate!

We think she is very beautiful - much nicer than the bull dog, terrier, chocolate labs and the staffy at puppy school.



Hi, my name is Bella and I love dogs. I have campaigned for a dog since I was about 3 years old. I am 11 now and I do have a dog but it took a lot of nagging believe me. The first time I heard that my parents were thinking about owning a dog was when I was at Waiheke on holiday. It took a lot of waiting. We had to get the perfect dog and then it happened. Mum found a spoodle puppy. We called her Honey. Of course we brought her home a s soon as we could. We have done many things with Honey. Gone on holiday, pet fashion parades etc. What I love about Honey is she is always happy to see you and when she is tired she is the perfect soft toy. She will lie in my arms asleep for ages. I love Honey.


Thought this’d give you a giggle. We did something today I never thought we’d do. We took our new spoodle pup to a Pet fashion Parade!!   

It was at Jansens our local pet store and a very last minute decision yesterday evening that involved a frenzied search for old baby and dolls clothes and other ‘dog friendly accessories’. The resulting ensemble included an 18 mth floral dress of Amelia’s, some dolls knickers with a tail hole unpicked out of them, a string of glam beads made by Amelia ( at your place yesterday Susie ) and some red fabric love hearts clipped above her ears. We had a huge laugh putting it all together and Honey didn’t seem at all phased apart from the odd attempt to eat her dress.

Anyway today we decided that her nice cream fleece coat was looking decidedly grey due to a major penchant for getting down and dirty in my precious vege garden when nobody’s watching her. So we put her in the bath and gave her her first blow dry (much to her disgust). Then we dolled her up and took her down to Jansens. Bella and Honey lined up with all the other canine hopefuls in the best dressed category. Apart from Honey’s dress untucking itself underneath her halfway down the catwalk, causing her to walk on the hem with major difficulty, she held her own with dignity. Bella successfully made the strongwilled little minx sit nicely for the judges and Honey sat looking around at all the fans with polite interest. She then slid on the front of the dress in as dignified a way as possible to the end of the runway. Twenty or so other pups strutted their stuff, many of them in bought designer outfits that made Honey look positively homespun. However, after a very tense 20 minutes of deliberation (and much to our surprise) Honey was awarded 3rd place. I think the knickers were what did it! None of the other doggies had that kind of attention to detail. And I think the non storebought ensemble definitely scored some points on the originality front.

So we are now the very proud parents of an ‘award winning’ dog. I think actually that Jules is actuallyconsidering keeping her. I saw him this afternoon having a quiet word with her about how proud he is, when he thought I wasn’t looking  (read again – strong willed minx). So a very happy ending all around and the best free school holiday fun we’ve had so far. 

Cheers Rosanne


Monty came and visited a couple of weeks ago and we looked after him for 3 hours, he and Toby had a wonderful time.  We are having fun with Toby, he shakes paws , does roll over’s and jumping through a hoop. Next week he graduates from the Puppy class to the Beginners Dog Obedience Course.



Thank you so much for giving us Baxter – we love him to bits.

Baxter is loved, cuddled and admired everywhere we take him. He is incredibly well behaved and tags along wherever we go. He enjoys Sunday brunches at cafes down by the beach and happily slurps on the bowl of water he is always given and crunches loudly on biscotti. The waitresses are always happy to give him pats and talk with him so he's very happy.

Baxter had his first puppy school last night - and he was a star!  Of course, the reward of sausage pieces encouraged his absolute best behaviour and he also played well with the mainly larger sized (and way more boisterous) other pups. The lady who takes the class said he was really laid back and content - we explained his home at "Old MacDonalds Farm" she said you could see what a positive effect it had had. The puppies had 3 play times together off lead (there were nine in the group) and by the end of the evening Baxter was sound asleep happiness filled. He didn't wake in the night either!