Golden Retrievers

Josh's Kyra

Kyra was my brother Josh's dog, he got her for his 18th birthday. As he doesn't own his own home and is flating, Kyra spends a lot of time here with us and we fell in love with her! She has had 2 litters of Retrodoodles, the first to a Standard Poodle and more recently to our Miniature Poodle, Maserati. These pups have been so outstanding that we have decided to breed Retrodoodles and have since added 1 more Golden Retriever to the family. We will be breeding our Retrodoodles with the miniature poodle so they wont mature too large in size, they have a brilliant non shedding fleece coat and very calm laid back natures, super smart.

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Kate of Hallmark

Kate is our latest addition, she is a total darling and I was waiting and waiting for her arrival. She comes from a very highly acclaimed breeder in the South Island and from imported lines. She is a stunning looking girl with rich colour and is a joy to own. With a very soft caring nature we look forward to her first litter of pups. Kate had a phantom litter last year and adopted our piglet that we were bottle feeding at the time. She even laid down to let it nurse from her, so sweet, I can see she will be an excellent mum.

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