Saffron has the most darling nature, it is possible I am bias about the dogs I own but in all honesty we have had a few Cockers now and some truly stand out as being treasures, Saffron is one of them.  We got Saffron when we knew that we would be looking at retiring Macey at some stage.  We never thought for a moment that we would get another Cocker with a nature as awesome as Macey and yet Saffron at times can top it!

She is one of the easiest Cockers I have ever owned, never puts nose to ground and switches off ears, always wags her tail and always tries hard to please.  She is a soft natured affectionate girl who loves everyone!

She plays with all the visiting dogs and loves all the visiting humans as well, we adore Saffron and she will be with us forever, one very special soul.