Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Amber Ribbons

Amberlea is a Blenheim Cavalier, Red and White. She is a great example of the Cavalier breed. She is from an imported sire and is very well put together. She has the sweet Cavalier nature, cuddly and happy and always wanting to please.

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Hallmark's Alice of Wonderland

Alice is a stunning young lady, daughter of Amber. We purpose bred a purebred litter from Amber to a very carefully selected SI Stud dog to produce a wonderful show and breeding litter. 2 of the pups from this litter have gone to a show home and Alice is staying with us as a house dog and future mother. She is even nicer than her mother as far as type go, although both have AWESOME stand out natures and we are so happy to haver her as part of the family.

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Mother's Secret Coral

Coral was born a year after Pearl to the same parents so they are sisters. Coral has a sweet outgoing personality and loves cuddles. She is very good looking and was an only child so is a wee bit spoilt, but loved completely all the same. - Picture to come.

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